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BBC Raw Talent with Alan Raw

BBC Raw Talent is one of Yorkshire’s assets for discovering the brave new waves on the circuit.  Alan Raw and team present every Thursday, 1900-2200 on BBC Radio Leeds (92.4FM).  I always wonder what the presenters look like. Here he is. 


BBC Sound Index

The BBC has launched a new Beta platform, Sound Index, that crawls through popular music sites and blogs ( Bebo, MySpace, Last.FM, iTunes, Google and YouTube ) capturing public info off of them about what people are listening to, watching, downloading, and logging on to. It does some math.. crunches the data and makes an index of the top 1000 tunes & artists placing them in order of their popularity. The Index is updated every 6 hours.

It works along the similar principle as Jonathan Harris’ and Sep Kamvar’s, We Feel Fine, which searches the internet every 20 minutes for people blogging about their feelings. And all pulled together in a very pretty way.

The 500 character pitch

I had to sum up the essence of why we think our idea is exciting and worth funding to take it further. Here’s what I put:

how it works

Twelve local up-and-coming musicians are selected to represent their city. Each artist chooses an urban location to perform live (a cafe, a railway bridge, a street corner, a chip shop). Videos are made of each performance, beginning with an interview introduction from the band about their chosen city location.

The videos are placed on an map. To listen to the album mScapers must navigate the city with open ears. Visiting all 12 locations unlocks a personal URL to download the mp3s.