Bristol Pervasive Media Studio

Ben and MartinLast month we had the chance to visit the creators of the mScape platform in the SWRDA and HP Lab supported Pervasive Media Studio. After a kick off from Katz Kiely, we had a day of demos and discussion, and got to hear a lot of tips and tricks to getting the most out of the technology.

It was great to get a technical overview from Richard Hull, Jo Reid, Tom Melamed and Ben Clayton and then go straight out with the iPaqs to try out the suggestions they made. We talked about ‘magic moments’ – where the mScape media and the location in which it is being viewed sync up perfectly – like the narrator talking about seagulls and then an actual seagull flying past. The mScape experience guidelines suggest that interviewing and creating content in the final location is a key element of fostering magic moments.

mScape technical overviewFor us, a sense of place is central to the performances in our project. The musicians will choose the city spot and then talk about why the location is important to them as we walk towards it. The live performance recordings will blur the sounds of the surroundings from the bands and the listeners together. To heighten this effect we will be using binaural microphones (two microphones worn in the ears) to give people listening with headphones a real feeling of shared experience.


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