Intimacy and energy in interviews

We’ve been playing with several ideas of what the small-screen, location-specific music video experience should be like. In our initial pitch, I described Our Music, Our City as “SpecialTen meets 20202 meets FixMyStreet. Oh, and Do Go See“.

© Specialten Publishing 2003–2008If you haven’t seen Special Ten before, it’s a DVD magazine with a strong feeling of energy and independence. It has a real sense of a curatorial art aesthetic and comes with limited edition prints and a large format printed booklet. The music videos, short films and interviews they seek out tend to have quite an underground feel. This is definitely an energy we’d like to capture in our band interviews.

Check out Special Ten’s interview of the Brazilian band Bonde Do Role for a good example of the style. Now imagine being back in that cafe to listen to what the band have to say – hopefully a real feeling of shared experience.


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