Alternative city guides

Underground and subcultural city maps can be hard to get right. When they fail, it is often from a lack of any real content. Sites like the Wooster Collective however show that when done well, street culture can play a strong part in city identity and urban narrative.

part of Invader\'s Paris mapInvader is a street artist who has experimented with mapping his pixel mosaic works. His maps are quirky and stylish and act as great alternative guides to the cities he has ‘invaded’. He also plays with the idea of gaming. Not only is the majority of his art derived from early arcade pixel sprites but he also awards himself points for each work executed. And, looking at his maps, it’s tempting to join him in collecting points for spotting the graffiti pieces. For more info – Shepard Fairey (of Obey Giant fame) summaries Invader’s work well in his Swindle article.

Part of what Our Music, Our City hopes to be, is an alternative to the franchise StarMcMaps found in tourist information centres. A useful guide to the quirkier parts of town from people who know interesting things about their city.


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